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Mario, also known as Super Mario, is the main protagonist of the Mario series, lead protagonst of the Smash Fighters Z series and the leader of Team Mario, a team of heroes in the Mushroom Kingdom, and also the shared name of the fighting group to challenge Emperor Velo's Multiverse Tournament. Mario has had many professions, including plumbing, zookeeping carpentry and healthcare. One of Mario's trademarks is his red hat. He is ranked first in the Nocturnus Clan's Special War Powers.


Strength and Abilities

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A huge factor of Mario's power comes from his versatility and ability to adapt to both his surroundings and transformations that he uses, such as Super Transformation and powerups. He is able to understand technology very quickly, and is an adept pilot, having piloted the Sky Pop and Robobot Armour with ease.

Mario is able to run very fast, being the third fastest in Team Mario after Sonic and Shadow, who are first and second respectively. He is also able to jump very far, and is able to move and spin around at high speeds without getting dizzy. He can easily survive in the ozone layer, as seen when he pilots the Sky Pop to do battle with Magolor and the Lor Starcutter.

As Mecha Mario, Mario is strong enough to be able to unscrew the head off of a Gigavolt II by spinning after getting stuck during his fight with a roboticised Sonic.


  • During the Magolor Saga, Mario loses his hat, and does not retrieve it until the final act of the saga. During these events, as part of a running gag, Parakarry is constantly trying to return it to him, failing at each opportunity, as Mario has just left right when Parakarry arrives.
  • Mario owns an orange gi which he wears during tournaments. It is first seen during the Fawful Saga, which he wears throughout. This gi is based on the gi worn by Goku during Dragon Ball Z's Buu Saga.
    • Despite this, he does not wear it during the Sperno Metallicus Tournament. Instead, he wears gladiatorial armour based on the one worn by Monkey D. Luffy, disguised as "Lucy", during One Piece.
    • During the Multiverse Tournament, he wears one based on Goku's standard gi.

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