Smash fighters z logo by kingasylus91-d7yfgxz

The Smash Fighters Z series is created by SuperYaridovich999, the story tells a tale of heroes trying to save a universe from peril

Main Characters

Mario - A short plumber, doctor, tennis player, referee in Punch Out!!! and of course, a hero.

Luigi - Mario's taller brother who is cowardly at times, he lives in the shadow of Mario's fame.

Sonic - The fastest thing alive, he is a hero from Mobius.

Shadow- An anti-hero who is very prideful and self-centered.

Kirby - A pink warrior and protector of Popstar.

Yoshi - A dinosaur from Dinosaur Land and Mario's best friend.

Meta Knight - A warrior who tends to aid Kirby or fight him in a sword duel.

King Dedede - A greedy king from Popstar, he helps Kirby in dark times.

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