The Smash Fighters Z Team are a group of people who help contribute to the Smash Fighters Z series, the Smash Fighters Z Wiki and the group on DeviantART.

The Team

Series Director

  • S-Yaridovich9X
    • S-Yaridovich9X is the main series planner and the overall creator of the series.

Assistant Director

  • Maddogger237

Assistant Planners


  • S-Yaridovich9X


Character Designers

  • S-Yaridovich9X
  • Maddogger237

Grammar Checkers

Beta Testers

DeviantART Group Admins

Wiki Admins

  • Mariorocks10
  • LevinThumps
  • SuperMario426
  • JokerJay799


  • Toonking911
  • Sacorguy79

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