Tambourine Koopa is a member of the Koopa Family and one of Bowser's brothers, he is the second eldest of the siblings, he is succeeded by Cludge, the eldest, and is followed by Onaga.

Personality and Appearance

Tambourine is one of the more smarter members of the family, he is very diabolical and clever, as shown where he appears to have set up many traps in his castle in the Acorn Kingdom, he is also hired as a mercenary by some of his brothers to take care of their enemies, as seen when he is hired by Bowser. Tambourine has a pair of large wings, he also has darker hair than Bowser, and has more darker skin, he has pure grey eyes with thin pupils, Tambourine is depicted as an assassin, having dealt with many enemies of the Koopa Clan.

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