Team Mario are the main protagonistic group of the Smash Fighters Z series, they are based on the Z Fighters from Dragon Ball Z, Justice League from DC Comics and the Avengers from Marvel.


Team Mario is a team of 13 heroes that regularly defend the peace by defeating powerful global threats.

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Team Mario
Main Members
Mario Sonic Kirby Luigi
Shadow Meta Knight Dedede Yoshi
Tails Bandana Dee Geno Mallow
Amy Peasley Banjo Kazooie
Stuffwell Blaze Peach Merloo
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Rosalina
Lilac Knuckles Elder Yoshi E.Gadd
R.O.B O'Chunks Honey Knuckle Joe
Starlow Bobbery Cream Cheese
Escargoon Ellidy Magolor Nestor


Over the course of the series, Team Mario gains a number of supporters and allies.

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Freedom Fighters
Sally Rotor Chuck Nicole
Bunnie Antoine Yooka Laylee
Carol Milla
[v · e · ?]
Secret Freedom Fighters
Harvey Who
Silver Gold Sirica Parakarry
Leeta Lyco Pitch Vivian
Larry Lynx Shard Cricket
[v · e · ?]
Super Grand Fleet
Jack Sticks Norman Spartan
Tora Odin Blackeye Blubber
Red Cat Pirates Team Sticks Viking Pirates Sparta Pirates
Spriteling Battle Corps Giant Pirates Blackeye Pirates Blubber Pirates
Clump Pirates

  • : the character is deceased.
  • : the character is no longer part of this group. Hovering the symbol may give further details.

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